The best technology to make sports betting easy.


Dynamic dashboard

Sort, filter and select thousands of odds and statistics in a unique way. View a maximum of information interactively. Navigate and make your decisions in the least amount of time.

Risk management

Each bet is different and needs an adapted stake. With Octoscore, you define your capital, and our decision support program helps you optimize your bets and limit your risk.

Predictive system

Our data scientists imagine for you the best predictive algorithms  to provide extremely reliable probabilities.
Our teams are constantly looking for new scientific tools to apply and do the hard work for you.

How does it work?

The selection

We have designed a multi-criteria betting selection tool to make easy and fast decisions.
A country, a league, a team, a particular statistic, an ongoing series , high odds, all are instantly combinable and filterable.

The match card

On the game card, team performances are decrypted in a second. Our data scientist team has developed a unique mathematical model that can predict the issue of matching with one goal: to give you the best possible insights. Add the bet you want to your basket to analyse your expected profit.

The risk management

It’s not enough to bet to win, you have to stake carefully. How? With Octoscore, everything becomes very simple: our allocation system optimises your bets in real-time using a proven risk management model in finance.  You can introduce your view if you want to and get the optimal stake.

We do the hard work for you

Mathematics, predictive models, statistics, we take care of everything to provide you with the best predictions.

Our algorithms are always looking for them Value betThey detect the best opportunities to maximize your winnings

We combine Kelly’s criterion and Harry Markowitz’s portfolio management theory to maximize your return and control your risk.